This book is created to help women avoid some of the traps encountered by other female entrepreneurs who have started or expanded a business. A practical guide as well as a motivational tool, the book includes a bonus pullout section on the mechanics of starting a business.

The author clearly lays out specific challenges most women will face and assures them with both sensitivity and humor that the process they are going through and the feelings they are experiencing are normal. The book includes profiles of successful women who are happy to share their journey in order to make it easier for others. Because they have faced similar challenges, their stories provide readers with the comfort of knowing they are not alone.

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Kathy McShane - The Survivor's Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

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About Kathy McShane

Kathleen M. McShane is the Founder and CEO of Ladies Launch Club. Since 2005, its mission has been to make entrepreneurship available to all women by providing the exposure and connections they need to develop strategic relationships. It offers a range of workshops for women who want to grow their businesses and companies that want to help their female employees be more entrepreneurial and more productive. Prior to the creation of Ladies Launch Club, Kathy was the Founder and President of Kendrew Group, Ltd., a multimillion-dollar, award-winning marketing services organization.

In 2013, Kathy created the nonprofit Exceptional Woman’s Series to motivate, mentor and network with women who are starting a new business or transitioning to a new career.

Kathy has a Certification in Public Speaking from the National Speakers Association and is a motivational speaker for women’s organizations, conducting workshops at local high schools and other venues that address young women’s empowerment. She is an adjunct professor at New York University where she teaches Competitive Intelligence. Her blog, Fempreneur, is posted on MasterCard International Smallbiz.

She resides in New Canaan, Ct with her husband, Kenneth D. Campbell, Jr.

Kathy McShane


“Kathy McShane has done more for female entrepreneurship in Connecticut than any woman I know, through her leadership roles in Ladies Launch Club and Mastermind Workshops, and her inspirational blogs, articles and personal appearances. This book is a natural next step in her efforts to help women become successful business owners. Every woman considering the entrepreneurial journey needs to read this powerful and inspiring book!”
Rita Cosby, Emmy-winning TV host, radio host and bestselling author
“I loved your book! It’s a compendium of great advice – not just for women entrepreneurs but for all women. No matter what your goals are, be they personal or professional, this is a book that will help you achieve them. Buy it for yourself and for every girl and woman you know.”
Marcia Clark, author of the Rachel Knight series of novels and a new series of murder mysteries coming out in 2016; former prosecutor for the OJ Simpson case
“Kathy McShane is the real deal and knows firsthand what it takes to focus your mind and efforts into making dreams become reality … without the haunting self-doubt (you are not alone)! Kathy teaches you how to collaborate in this increasingly competitive marketplace and how support from other successful women of influence can help give your brand voice and distinction. The Survivor’s Guide for Female Entrepreneurs is an indispensable tool we can all reference day in and day out to open doors. It teaches the approach that solves a problem, with insight that simply helps makes sense of it all! I am so grateful for this guide … YES, it is all about YOU!”
Stacey S. Schieffelin, founder of Women's Leadership LIVE, TV shopping product creator, former international Ford model
“Working with Kathy McShane on a Board of Directors, I saw firsthand how she motivates and inspires others – she’ll do this for you in the Survivor’s Guide. Combining her creativity and competitive analysis, Kathy created a new service, name and marketing materials. In this book, Kathy offers a step-by-step guide on how to do this yourself when you start your own company or service. Whether your goal is a company of one or 1,000, you can get there using Kathy’s knowledge and process, with this book by your side. Plus she’ll show you how to ‘enjoy the journey’!”
Amy S. Schafrann, president of College Strategy Horizons, formerly managing partner of Yankelovich for marketing and the consulting group

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